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Washington, DC, USA


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"1Up double up"
1Up Double Up

A fun card game even for kids, be the first player to lose all of your cards or build a rainbow for an automatic win. Match, combine, stack and/or add up different cards in an attempt to beat your opponents. If you can't match the rule you got to 1UP & DOUBLE UP!


Be the first to bankrupt the other player(s) or team(s). Do you have what it takes to TAKEDOWN the others!


Be the player with the most money in the end whether dead or alive. Will life get the best of you or will it TWIST in you FAVOR? 

"Crash Fury"
crash fury title1.png

Be the first player to SURVIVE AND CROSS the finish line in a race to the end. Play in 4 different modes including a cop chase. "Crash Fury" brings the video game world onto the game board.